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      Green Shiptech China Congress is the annual conference hosted by Ridge China. For our past GSCC 2012 to GSCC 2023, More than 4000 experts and decision makers from governments, classification societies, shipowners, shipyards, research institutes, technology/equipment suppliers and consulting companies have had in–depth discussion and communication on the current issues of IMO, EU, USCG, China MSA's policies and regulations,designs and standards for new ship models, innovative and sustainable green ship technologies through this international platform of annual Green Shiptech China Congress.
      In year 2024, over 400 industry experts, corporate decision makers and government officials will be engaged in in-depth exchange of views and discussions on the issues and topics that we concern by virtue of international platform of Green Shiptech China Congress 2024.
      演講嘉賓來自SPEAKERS From: 
      • 國際海事組織 IMO
      • 歐盟委員會 European Commission
      • 美國海岸警衛隊 U.S. Coast Guard
      • 中華人民共和國海事局 China MSA
      • 金融機構 Financial Institutions
      • 海事研究所 Maritime Research Institutes
      • 技術和解決方案供應商• Solution & Technology Providers
      • 知名船東/航運公司Shipowners/Shipping Company
      • 知名船廠 Shipyards
      • 船級社 Classification Societies
      • ......
      誰將參加WHO Should Attend?
      首席執行官,總裁,副總裁,總經理,總監,總工程師,高級經理,經理,造船工程師,輪機工程師,來自CEOs, Presidents, VPs, General Managers, Directors, Chief Engineers, Senior Managers,   Marine Architects , Marine Engineers from
      • 船東/航運公司Shipowners/Shipping Company
      • 造船廠/修船廠 Shipyards/ 
      • 設計單位  Designers 
      • 海事研究機構 Maritime Research Institute  
      • 船級社 Classification Societies 
      • 船舶設備供應商 Vendors
      • 港口/港務局 Ports / Harbour Authorities
      • 解決方案提供商 Solution Providers
      • 律所 Law Firms
      • 咨詢公司 Consulting Companies
      • ......
      部分熱點議題HOT Topic
      • IMO, 歐盟, 美國海岸警衛隊及中國海事局最新政策法規解讀
      Policies and Regulations Update and Interpretate by IMO, European Commission and China MSA
      • 運行效率預測是可持續性船舶設計的關鍵
      Prediction of Operational Efficiency As a Key to Sustainable Ship Designs
      • 實時溫室氣體測量和云基報告工具
      Real Time GHG Measuring and Cloud-Based Reporting Tools
      • 實現混動系統的無縫系統整合
      Facilitating Seamless Systems Integration of Hybrid Systems
      • 為大型散貨船提升一個級別的能效
       Taking Efficiency to The Next Level For Large Cargo Vessels
      • 數字化技術是降低排放的關鍵之一
       Digital Technologies As a Key Enabler For Emissions Reduction
      • 實現最優能效和航運脫碳的最新涂料技術
       New Marine Coating Technologies for Optimum Efficiency and Marine Decarbonization
      • 風力推進技術的發展: 脫碳的解決方案
       Developments in Wind-propulsion Technology: The Solution to Decarbonization
      • LNG作為過渡性燃料的潛力和隱患
       The Potential and Pitfalls of LNG As a Transitional Fuel
      • 甲醇作為燃料
      Methanol As Marine Fuel
      • 氫作為未來的船用燃料
      Hydrogen As the Maritime Fuel of the Future
      • 氨動力船舶
       Ammonia Powered Vessels
      • 發動機及推進系統的最新創新
       Latest Innovations in Engine and Propulsion Systems
      • 船載碳捕捉系統的發展
      Onboard CCS Developments
      • 壓載水管理系統調試測試和明晰調試取樣的要求
      Commissioning Testing and Clarity on Sampling Requirements for Commissioning of BWMS 
      如需咨詢會議的詳細信息及報名手續,請聯系 徐先生
      For conference details or registration, please contact with Mr. Quin Xu
      電話Tel: +86 21 6607 8610 -8003
      手機Mob: +86 13564222811
      郵箱Email: quin.xu@ridgechina.com
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